Town of Cymric

~1100 during harvest and winter, 1500-1700 during summer (trade season)

Cymric sits just north of the Cloud Peaks mountain range along the River Esmel. The town has two central hills that cause the river to serpentine around. Atop the higher hill is Cymric Keep. And the other hill is covered by close set homes of well-to-do merchants and minor nobles and is called by the locals “High Hill”.

To the east is the public market surrounded by Artisan and Craftsmen workshops, warehouses, and a few temples.

On the west bank is the town’s slums, Littleton (a small gathering of Halflings that run their own market), and a ‘locals’ district where farmers, local merchants, and ‘old families’ live and work.

Cymric proper has a low city wall, only 10-20 feet tall in some places, that surrounds both the Keep, High Hill, and the artisans and westerly districts.

Beyond the wall, farms spread out for miles in all directions. The fertile ground and mild winters offer great bounties and the rolling hills at the base of the Cloud Peaks give good grazing for herd animals.

Summers are mild and range from mid 70’s to low 90’s on the hottest days but the Cloud Peaks protect the town from extremes.
Autumn begins late in the year, allowing for a large harvest. Temps are between high 40’s to 60’s
The first snows of winter are usually near the New Year and rarely drop more than a few inches… but over the last few years there has been a growing number of storms that have caused large packs of snow to drift into the city.
Spring brings a rapid thaw that causes the Esmel to swell several feet. Some flooding in the slums happens each year but High Hill and Cymric Keep are well above flood zone.

Cymric is part of a Barony granted to Baron Randal Cymric by the Duke of Baldur’s Gate. Randal was originally a wandering adventurer who, along with his companions, were taken into employ by the Duke, and performed many daring and heroic quests. After Randal retired, the Duke recognized his value by elevating him to the noble rank of Baron and giving him land-rights to a small section of eastern Baldur’s Gate Protectorate.

Baron Randal helped establish trade routes over the Cloud Peaks and grew the small village into a thriving town it is today.

15 years ago, Randal left with his daughter, Elena, to travel up the sword coast in search of a proper marriage for her. His eldest son, Mayhew, governed in his place, with the aid of his Chamberlain, Vigos Mar. Within the first year, it was clear that Mayhew was every bit the leader his father had groomed him to be, as he settled a new section of land in the docks to be used for larger good transport against some of the merchant guildleader’s initial objections.

As celebration, he lead a hunt in the woods north of the city. He was injured under mysterious circumstances and died within the week. His younger brother, Gregor, declared his father missing and assumed the title of Baron. For the last 13 years, Gregor’s mismanagement, casual apathy, and open sadism have been a blight on Cymric.

Cymric is primarily agrarian, exporting large crops of grains and vegetables.
The town is also a minor trade post where goods from over the Cloud Peak mountains and some dwarven-mined ore from within the mountains are ported down for exchange.

The River Esmel is not deep enough for good shipping past Cymric and most goods are floated down from the mountain passes and then packed onto over-land caravans to Baldur’s Gate for sale up and down the Sword Coast.

Cymric, though small, supports a many skilled artisans and craftsmen.



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