Remember the Past

There and back again

Journey back to Cymric

After dealing with Granny and her sister, the heroes were a bit busted up. And lacking any clear direction of what to do with the stone, Keely remembered a wizard that she knows in Cymric that may help…

So the party decided to return to their city of origin.

Along the way, they came across the end of a battle in which a trio of Bugbears and an Ogre had attacked and destroyed a goblin enclave. The small goblin bodies were strewn about the entrance to the cave and the bugbear chieftain was arguing with the Ogre within.

The party deduced that the Bugbears had made a deal to split the spoils of the attack with the Ogre, yet after all of the goblins were dead, the Ogre wanted ALL the treasure. The party decided to ‘have fun’ with the creatures and created illusions of more gold to make the ogre angry.

It worked, but it wasn’t the explosion that Valenthe was looking for. So she quaffed a potion of Heroism and tossed an exploding jar of fire into the cave. The resulting detonation acted like a cannon and HURLED the Ogre, along with the 3 bugbears, out of the barrel of the cave directly into Alekos and the other melee fighters.

The flaming creatures were no match for the heroes and they died easily.

After healing up, the party continued through the forest and came to a clearing where they discovered 4 blink-dog puppies hidden in a hollow tree along with the unfortunate remains of their parents which had been killed nearby. It wasn’t long before 2 displacer beasts ( the natural and moral enemy of blink dogs ) appeared and attacked.

Oliver was able to Mage Hand one of the pups up out of the battle and saved it’s life, but the rest were killed. The party was in dire straights too as Alekos was almost killed if not for the quick healing of his companions.

Ever resourceful, Oliver skinned both beasts and one of the dogs to make cloaks out of at a future date.

Days passed as the group made their way back to Cymric until they were within a few hours travel of the city. They met a traveling merchant that Roth discovered was an assassin in disguise. They traded with the merchant for some items and learned that the city of Cymric was beset by an undead menace.

They traveled into the night eventually made it to a farm on the outskirts of town where they decided to sleep in the barn… Well, roth broke into the house but he didn’t take much….

Just as they were settling in, a horde of ghouls and 2 ghasts appeared. They party easily put them down, but not without blowing a hole through the back of the barn and smashing some sheep to bits…



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